Colorplay - color options for tubs
Cool Dog™ Wash Tubs Architectural Series come in a variety of cool colors to integrate into your wash tub space or incorporate into your brand. The Cool Dog™ Architectural Series Dog wash tubs are functional, durable and absolutely beautiful. Choose from three options, the freestanding in line entry, left side entrance or right side entry. Each tub is finished with the most durable industrial coatings on the marketplace. Offering six attractive colors and coatings that withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Cool Dog Wash Tubs will keep your pets and owners cool and refreshed even during the hottest summer months. Custom colors are also available upon request.
Dog Wash Tubs Colors - Antique Pink

Antique Pink

Dog Wash Tubs Colors - Bone


Dog Wash Tubs Colors - Spa Blue

Spa Blue

Dog Wash Tubs Colors - Copper Dog

Copper Dog

Dog Wash Tubs Colors - Polar Ice

Polar Ice

Cool Dog Wash Tubs - Puppy Dry

Custom Colors Available