Dog Wash Tubs Clean Pet

Innovative Finish Technology

The Cool Dog™ Wash Tubs special Clean Pet™ finish coating has innovative technology utilizing special pet safe materials to help inhibit; bacterial growths, fungus, molds & mildew. This is proven to be effective against the spreading of a large range of bacteria which can cause mildew and odors. Cool Dog™ Wash Tubs products use the special Clean Pet™ coating to inhibit the growth of bacteria while maintaining excellent color retention, durability and long-lasting effectiveness to the surface coating.

The Cool Dog™ Wash Tubs offer an attractive finish that pet owners and groomers can feel better protected with. Clean Pet™ finish defends against mold, fungus and mildew on surfaces. Available in a variety of architectural friendly colors. Wash Tubs are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications

Dog Wash Tubs - Clean Pet