1. The fountain is to be mounted on a smooth (preferably concrete or wood), flat but sloped slightly (2-3%) to drain excess water, finished surface with adequate support structure. See drawings or some mounting or pad examples.

2. NOTE: Mounting surface structure must be capable of supporting 300 lb. load on fountain.

3. Refer to rough-in specifications for specific plumbing requirements.

4. It is recommended that you install an easy external shut-off valve on water supply line for ease of shutting off or winterizing. (Valve not furnished)

5. Surface Mounting hardware to install fountain using concrete anchor fasteners. (Fasteners not furnished)

6. Connect water supply and fountain drain. Connect drain waste “Tee” to fountain drain tubes. Connect outlet of “Tee” to drainage system. Water connection and drain must comply with local codes. Some fountains drain into a 24-36” deep pea gravel pit and some drain into drain lines, please check with local building codes for the proper way to drain the fountain.

7. Turn on water supply and check all connections for leaks.

CAUTION: This fountain is rated for inlet water pressure of 20-105 PSI. A pressure reducing regulator should be used if the inlet water supply exceeds 105 PSI. Any damage caused by reason of connecting this product to supply line pressures lower than 20 PSI or higher than 105 PSI is not covered by warranty.

8. Water supply line O.D. unplated copper tube (3/8″ STE Series, 1/2″ SS Series). Drain or waste line IPS (1 1/2″ STE Series, 1 1/4″ SS Series). Contractor to supply waste trap and service stop valve in accordance with local code. *Please see individual specification sheets for extract details and sizing of lines.

9. Connecting lines to be made of unplated copper and should be thoroughly flushed to remove all foreign matter before being connected to fountain. This fountain is manufactured in such a manner that it does not in any way cause taste, odor, color, or sediment problems.

10. Connect fountain to supply line with a shut-off valve and install an unplated copper water line between the valve and the fountain. Remove any burrs from outside of water line. Push the tubes straight into the fittings until they reach a positive stop, approximately 3/4″ (See Fig. 2). DO NOT SOLDER TUBES INSERTED INTO THE STRAINER AS DAMAGE TO THE O-RINGS MAY RESULT.

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